New Page – Amazing People



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Please have a look at the “Amazing People” page on this site. I have added it to try to get the word out about some of my incredible friends and the things they are doing to help MSF. If you can’t be bothered to scroll up, click HERE.

The Magic Lantern – Fantastic Show and £ for Doctors Without Borders


Thanks Jo Hirons for the lovely pics

Thank you to Beverley Smith and all of the lovely people who made the Magic Lantern show such a success. It was a very entertaining evening of storytelling and bellydance. The show was beautifully presented and flowed superbly. A lot of fun.

Huge thanks to Beverley for donating the raffle money to Doctors Without Borders. This raised £152.01p (I have no idea where the 1p came from but it was in the bag so it goes to MSF).

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Beverley Smith’s Bellydance Class Helping MSF


Many many thanks to Beverley Smith’s Bellydance Class Showcase which raised £70 for Doctors Without Borders  on Wednesday. It is always wonderful of people to raise money to help MSF to look after some of the most disadvantaged people on the planet. To do so with such grace and style is outstanding.

Thank You TT & all at The Blues Bar


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Thank you to everyone who came to Mr TT’s birthday do at the Blues Bar on Sunday. The bar was truly packed with kind and generous people as well some very talented musicians.

TT very kindly offered to make the day a fundraiser for MSF and to that end asked his friends to donate instead of buying him a drink. This marvellous gesture raised £100.

My friend Jenn an MSF Epidemiologist (not skin) was very taken with Harrogate, The Blues Bar and the kindness and support shown to the organisation. All I could say to her is that I am lucky to see this a lot. I know some lovely people.

Finally , thank you Ceri of Rainbow Rice photography for the lovely picture above with Jenn, me, birthday boy and Tracey. A fantastic day.

Thank you to Dawes and The Big Red Bike Company

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I would like to say a Huge thank you to Andrew, Paul and Alex of the Big Red Bike Co Harrogate for their support with our bikes for the Trans-US cycle ride next year. After their very kind advocacy for our venture to Dawes, Tracey and I are now in possession of two shiny new Karakum (its a desert in central Asia) touring bikes.

I have had a very low profile for the last three months or so and I am sorry that I have not been in touch with many of my friends in this time. Pretty much everything has been on hold while I have been working on a very special project which will be announced soon (sorry to be all mysterious). This has delayed the bike ride planning significantly and so it was a huge relief when the guys at the Big Red Bike Co offered to help.

We cycled to Ripley today to test the bikes and it was totally lovely. The first of many thousands of miles these machines and these legs will cover in the next year or two.

Thank you also to Andy Backhouse for the great photos (above).


Pateley Bridge Charity Festival


Thank you to everyone who supported Doctors Without Borders at the Pateley Bridge Charity Festival yesterday. Tracey and I had a lovely day and met some very kind people. It was great to see our Greenpeace pals Karen, Stewart and Sue who also ran a very successful stall.

Thank you to Constance Hutchin for allowing us a place at the event and for being so kind and supportive. Also, a big thank you to Preston who took us to Pateley, he was a very good sport, even when we forcibly stripped him (upper only) and made him wear an MSF T-shirt.

£79.03 was raised and I will be sending this off to MSF this week.