Burlesque Without Borders 9 – The Official Video

Thank you to Rachel Burrows and all at Reel Film for this superb film from Burlesque Without Borders 9. If you like what you see, No10 is 28th November 2015.

In a heartbeat : Burlesque Without Borders

Check this, more to come from the wonderful Rachel Burrows……..

Burlesque Without Borders 9 (With drum roll moment at the end!)


Where to start?

Burlesque Without Borders 9 – What a night. I have so many people to thank for making this night happen that I will inevitably miss someone and I really dont want that so Ill not start. I will just say THANK YOU to the whole team who work so hard to make this THE best Burlesque night in the region / planet. I DO however want to say a huge thank you to Lily la Belle, this is her show, MSF benefits from it (and a charity of Lily’s choosing) but she makes it all happen.

The night was as ever magical. For the ‘set up team’ it started early, 1100, we walk into the big function room at the Manhattan Club and put the bags of decs and posters etc on the stage. We then spend about 2 hours preparing the room and making it right for the lovely audience. As we work I play the soundtrack for the nights event just to get us in the mood.

We returned to the Manhattan at 1700hrs all dolled up and ready for the show. The rest of the team started to arrive from then too, Pete our amazing Audio Visual Operative set up the sound and lights. Allan Smyth of Allan Smyth Audio Visuals had very kindly brought a touch of splendour to the stage in the shape of some Roman columns and fire boxes (as you do).

The performers started arriving about 1800 and just in time for opening we had the full line up ready and raring to go.

Im not able to review the full evening in detail here as it would take too long and Im pretty sure I would run out of superlatives in the first paragraph. The music was amazing, David Hick sounded like he sold his soul many years ago in some dark deal, I loved it. The Magic was magical on both floor and stage, The Burlesque performances were graceful, funny, beautiful and finally grossly humiliating!

The audience, well what can I say? just an amazing couple of hundred people. Led by their Commander in Cheers Snappy O’Shea they screeched, awooga’d, hell yeah’d, whistled and shouted their way through the 4 hour show. They also chucked a shed load of cash at Doctors Without Borders and for all of that dear people, we love you!

The Raffle, Ebola Tombola, Cupcakes, Photo Booth and straight donations stacked up the cash rapido and it was clearly going to be a very successful night for both MSF and the other benefiting charity Corrinas Homeless and Vulnerable Project.

So, here we go:

Burlesque Without Borders 9 raised £1605.70 


See you at a VERY special No10 on Saturday 28th November details will be announced a bit nearer the date.

PS: Photos and a very special Film to follow……..

BIG THANKS – Overdue


This year has been somewhat nuts and continues to be so. It started with the return from Sierra Leone and getting used to being home again after a pretty tough mission. I quickly immersed myself in fundraising events and activities to keep my MSF connection well and truly alive. This has meant that lots of great things by amazing people have happened and I have fallen behind on thanking people.

The Redhouse Art Raffle for MSF ran for a wonderful month and raised over £5000. You can read all about it on the website. Richard & John at Redhouse worked tirelessly for a month to make it the success it was and I will always be grateful to them.

While the Raffle sales were taking place, I spoke at the Lent lunch at St Cuthbert’s Church in Pateley Bridge, this was organised by my good friend Kerry. What a lovely group of people. I went with my Mum and Dad and we were treated very kindly by everyone there. The generous people who attended raised £200 for MSF. Thank you.

On 21 March Ray and the team at the Manhattan Club ran a “Horse Race Night” for MSF and raised £80. The Manhattan Club is the home of Burlesque Without Borders and is a very special place for me and all of the BWB team. It is very kind of Ray to take it upon himself to run a fundraiser and I am exceptionally grateful.


On 8th April I gave my presentation to Follifoot WI. Once again the room was full of interested and interesting people who wanted to hear about MSF. There were many great questions at the end and loads of enthusiasm. The group provided buckets for anyone who wanted to donate. With these donations, a cheque from the WI and a personal donation from a very generous individual, an incredible £775 was raised!

A huge thank you to everyone involved in the above events. I continue to be amazed by the kindness shown to Doctors Without Borderland the care that people have for others who find themselves needing such an organisation.

White Rose Tango – Thank you for a great night and for helping MSF

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 19.53.59



A very big thank you to Gisele and Adam of White Rose Tango for inviting Tracey and I to their dance last night. Thank you even more for holding a raffle for MSF which raised the fantastic sum of £114.12p.The 70+ people who attended were a very kind and generous bunch.

It was such a lovely evening, we even tried a little dance but my complete lack of coordination impaired that venture. Despite this, it was a great deal of fun and I may, just may have to re-visit this world again one day.

If you are even vaguely interested in learning to Tango I would strongly suggest checking out the White Rose Website. Gisele and Adam are two of the most highly regarded teachers in the region. Thank you one again for being so kind and hospitable.

An amazing idea from a lovely little lady

Ebola Tombola

Just take a look at this fantastic sign for the Burlesque Without Borders Tombola. It was made by a lovely little girl called Maisie who is age 7 and the daughter of a wonderful friend of mine.

Thank you Maisie for taking the time to come up with the idea and to make such a smashing sign. It will have pride of place at our next show. I am sure everyone will love it.