An Amazing Week – Last mention (promise).

A few people I know haven’t seen the Look North interview I did on Monday 23rd. I have hardly mentioned it I know (hmmm). Anyway, if you did miss it here it is in all its glory. Thank you again to the BBC Look North team for helping me get the word out about the Redhouse Art Raffle and about the work of MSF.

Here is the link to the iPlayer for the interview with the wonderful Jonathan Cowap at Radio York yesterday (Im on about 1h:10m:35s in). As I mentioned in an earlier post this has been an amazing week, TV, Radio and then todays Yorkshire Post all getting the message out there about MSF and the fundraising. I know that this has been a once in a lifetime week of opportunity and I am grateful to everyone who has made it happen and to everyone who has supported MSF as a result.

In the end it is all about awareness of MSF and raising money to keep their vital work going. Without going all Geldof on you, please support Doctors Without Borders by purchasing a Raffle ticket HERE.

Remember also the the best Burlesque show in Yorkshire is also right here in Harrogate. Burlesque Without Borders 9 is on Saturday 11th April at the Manhattan Club Harrogate. The lineup is amazing and it promises to be another fantastic night of Burlesque, Music, Magic and Cupcakes! Chuck in some great stalls, add a raffle and a tom-bola and for £7 you have one hell of a night. Oh and by the way you save lives by donating to MSF. I you fancy this (and whats not to fancy?) buy your tickets HERE. I would get a wiggle on mind as half (100) have already gone.

See you there.

Thank you BBC Radio York – Jonathan Cowap

Many thanks to Jonathan Cowap at BBC Radio York. This is the third time I have spoken to Jonathan and it is always a pleasure. 

I will post a link to the show later just in case you missed it. 

If you heard the show and want to buy Raffle Tickets for the Redhouse Art Raffle for MSF  please click HERE for details. 

Cakes for Cash! 

Many thanks to the lovely ladies above (note the thorn between two roses!). Steph and Amanda did some serious baking and extra serious selling to raise £133.33p for Doctors Without Borders. The staff at Harrogate District  Hospital, led by their taste buds have once again been very generous. 

This is a fantastic way to make a difference. This is how Doctors Without Borders spend your money and I think it is impressive: 


I Need YOU – Sunday 1 March – To be in a pub!

Base Last Day 3 2014-12-12

It has been said many times that I need help (see above) but this time I am actually asking for it.

You may have heard about a certain Art Raffle that I am connected with (I have mentioned it once or twice). Clearly it needs to raise thousands for MSF and to do this we need to flog tickets. I therefore propose the following:

Sunday 1 March : a social at the pub : 10 Devonshire Place at 1500hrs (3:00pm). 

At this I am going to try to sell you a raffle ticket BUT, I am also going to ask you to take 5 away with you to sell for MSF. This could be really effective and bring in a lot of money. I know that I have asked many of you to do some pretty ludicrous things over the years – Latex catwalks etc etc so on so this is relatively normal.

Come along for a drink anyway . I am also going to use this as a way to catch up with many people who I haven seen since returning from Sierra Leone. I am sorry about that but I have been swept up by the fundraising and socialising has kind of ceased at the moment.

See you on Sunday I hope…….

Back at the BEEB Friday!

Jonathan Cowapp

On Friday (27th Feb) I will be talking to Jonathan Cowap of Radio York about working with MSF and the ongoing fundraising. I will post a link to the show afterwards but if you can, try to listen in between 0900-1200 on Friday I think Ill be on fairly early as I have been asked to be at the studio for 0950.

Full scale lisping comin atcha!

Its all about :

In case you didn’t know!

Look North – Monday – Lovely people helping to get the word out.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 14.04.28IMG_6983IMG_6981Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 09.31.55

Thank you to everyone at Look North for making me welcome at the studio on Monday. I was extremely nervous but also very much enjoyed the experience.

I didn’t meet Harry but he was kind enough to tweet a message asking people to support MSF through the Redhouse Art Raffle. Ultimately this is what all of this is about. It was a great opportunity to spread the word about MSF and the fundraising but being on TV or the Radio means zip if the cash doesn’t follow. Please can I ask you all to speak to your friends about the Art Raffle and encourage them to buy a ticket. Please see for full details.

Thank you as always for your support.